Ethereal clouds with text overlay reading 'Go Beyond. Go Schnitz.'


In 2019, I was a Creative Director on a student-led advertising agency to develop a campaign for Wienerschnitzel. Our campaign transformed hot dog consumption into a celebratory experience, by coining the term "Schnitz," as something that explained these moments and remained 100% ownable to Wienerschnitzel. We won first place in our district's competition, and competed as Semi-Finalists with the top 18 out of 120 student teams in the National Student Advertising Competition.


Creative Director


Team Management

Brand Design

Visual Exploration

Using our strategy of "hot dogs make any day a celebration," I led our creative team in coming up with mood boards for visual inspiration for the campaign. Our goal was to achieve the feeling of “celebration” solely through visual elements, while maintaining the nostalgic essence of the Wienerschnitzel brand.

Vintage Burger King logo. Typography featuring the word 'yes' with a bold drop shadow.
Vintage photo of two smiling Wendy's employees. Vintage Burger King advertisement.
Wienerschnitzel coupon for National Corn Dog Day. Vintage Wienerschnitzel mascot.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie frame. Wienerschnitzel A-Frame restaurant location.

Color Palette

Vintage Wienerschnitzel logo with two primary colors highlighted.

Vintage Logo

RGB (237, 33, 39)

CMYK (0, 99, 97, 0)

HEX #ed2127

RGB (255, 203, 5)

CMYK (0, 20, 100, 0)

HEX #ffcb05

RGB (37, 155, 192)

CMYK (76, 23, 15, 0)

HEX #259bc0

New Additional Color

Hero Image

This hero image was the driving force behind the visual identity of our campaign, and was used to demonstrate the combination of our vintage-style color palette and the feeling of celebrating with Wienerschnitzel.

Ethereal clouds with text overlay reading 'Go Beyond. Go Schnitz.'

Campaign Development

After establishing our visual identity and tone, our creative team designed a wide variety of creative executions, as directed by the research and guidance of our media team. To see more, please refer to the campaign book below.

Wienerschnitzel billboard displaying hand holding hot dog high in the air. Three iPhone mockups of Wienerschnitzel dog influencers.
iPhone mockups of an Instagram post that defines the coined term, Schnitz. Wienerschnitzel bus shelter display. Wienerschnitzel updated Instagram content mockup.
Wienerschnitzel elevator display. Wienerschnitzel billboard with two hands clinking hot dogs in a celebratory way.
Image displays the cover of the Wienerschnitzel campaign book, featuring a glowing logo on a red background.

Campaign Book

Besides Creative Direction, I also contributed to the body of design work required for the campaign. This included coordinating a small team to collaboratively design our campaign book, which contained eight months of research, strategy, and creative executions.

Image displays an open booklet, showing the inside pages of the Wienerschnitzel campaign book.

Scroll through PDF to view campaign book, or click HERE for full-screen view.

Mobile App Design

Additionally, I designed the mockup for a possible Wienerschnitzel mobile app, which would implement a rewards-based system and daily coupons for users. The design of the app ties in the visual identity for our campaign in a flat-design style, which is popular with many fast-food mobile apps.

iPhone mockup of Wienerschnitzel app, showing the user's balance of Schnitz points.
iPhone mockup of Wienerschnitzel app, showing a loading screen with a glowing Wienerschnitzel hot dog.
iPhone mockup of Wienerschnitzel app, featuring a Wiener Wheel that distrubutes daily rewards to users.

Wienerschnitzel Logo

Wie-did it

In a regional competition with other universities in our District we won first place, with our campaign being recognized for its "driven and compelling" visuals. We moved on to compete among the top 18 out of 120 universities in the country in the National Student Advertising Semi-Finals competition.