Image shows young child dancing in a meadow, next to two cartoon characters from the stories found on Vooks.


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Marketing Design

Social Media Campaign


Vooks is a mobile and desktop app for children and their families which encourages guilt-free screen time, where story books are brought to life through spoken dialogue and on-screen animation. Before the launch of the Vooks app in November 2018, I worked on the marketing team to plan and develop the visual and social identity of the app, helping to build the Vooks consumer community before it was even commercially available.

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Before creating content, we completed extensive research on our target demographic.

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Using our research, we came up with a social campaign strategy that would interest potential subscribers.

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Using the strategy, I created social content that our target demographic would want to engage with.

An iPhone screen showing the Vooks Instagram account, filled with branded content.

Social Media Campaign

After gaining an understanding of the target demographic for Vooks, I developed a library of content to be used on all social media channels. This content was intended to complement the existing brand imagery developed by the creators of Vooks, so that the brand identity on social media was consistent with what consumers would be seeing in the app.

Though my primary focus was in creating the content to be used on the Vooks social channels, I actively participated in content scheduling strategies, success measurement, and customer engagement on our posts.

Content Creation

To create the Vooks content, I was provided with a color palette and a library of Vooks characters, which I combined with stock photography to create unique posts that were visually cohesive. The inspiration for the content aesthetic came from Instagram influencers that are popular among the Vooks target demographic.

Let's Be Friends text. A young girl posing with a Vooks character. A character named Norb on the beach.
A character named Norb looking at a Vooks screen. A young boy reading Vooks with a character. A computer showing the Vooks website.
Young girl dancing in a field with Vooks characters. It's a great day to read text. Vooks fox character sitting in a field.
Two devices with mockups of the Vooks app. A Cinderella book standing with a character. Two Vooks characters resting on a couch.

Content Optimization

A caption was created which featured a product detail of the Vooks app, along with a few hashtags that would make the post easier to find for our target demographic. Each post was then prepared and optimized for each social media platform, so that our audience would be receiving the best version of the post for whatever platform that they were using.

Mockup of the Vooks press website page.

Website Page Design

I designed the Press Section of the official Vooks website, building a detailed wireframe for use when implementing the final design.

Custom Branded Icons

Room for Updated Content

Social Posts for Sharing