Image shows a folded Glorybee brochure.


Eugene, OR


Print Design


GloryBee is a Pacific Northwest company that has specialized in the production and distribution of honey and artisanal bee-products for over forty years. Being strong supporters of the Bee, GloryBee encourages its consumers to invest in Bees of their own - For this purpose, I was tasked with creating a brochure-style handout to be placed in GloryBees warehouse stores for visitors to get a general overview of how to begin beekeeping, in order to empower them to become beekeepers themselves.

Brochure Purpose

This brochure was designed with two goals in mind: 1) provide potential beekeepers with some simple beginning steps they can take and 2) inspire them to join the beekeeping community. Each side of the brochure addresses one of these goals.

Front and back mockup of the Glorybee brochure.

Content Organization

The brochure breaks beginning beekeeping into three main sections: GloryBee introduction, resources for detailed information, and startup material kits. The products featured in this brochure are all available for purchase through GloryBee's website, or in their factory store.

Mockup of side one of the Glorybee brochure.
Mockup of both sides of the Glorybee brochure.
Side one of the Glorybee brochure.

NAV: Side scroll to view. Side one of the brochure outlines the basics of beekeeping, simplifying the information to keep from overwhelming to the reader. The sections are supplemented with products sold at GloryBee, to encourage them to use GloryBee as their supplier for beekeeping-related materials.

Side two of the Glorybee brochure.

NAV: Side scroll to view. Side two of the brochure (which includes the front and back cover) displays a welcome message with macro-bee imagery, to inspire the reader to join the GloryBee family of beekeepers. I made the decision to use this half of the brochure for this purpose, knowing that turning the brochure from side one to side two would involve a disruption in the reader experience, providing an opportunity for a transition from information to inspiration.