Image shows young child dancing in a meadow, next to two cartoon characters from the stories found on Vooks.


University of Oregon


UI Design

Logo & Branding


Vooks is a mobile and desktop app for children and their families encouraging guilt-free screen time, where story books are brought to life through spoken dialogue and on-screen animation. Before the launch of the Vooks app in November 2018, I worked on the marketing team to plan and develop the visual and social identity of the app, helping to build the Vooks community before it was even commercially available.

The Problem

College students are not reaching out to university resources and mental health professionals despite rising mental health concerns on college campuses.

A Potential Solution

Create a mobile app that makes accessing resources less overwhelming, more accessible, and easier to navigate.

Branding and Design

I created the logo and visual identity of the CampusMind mobile app, which was applied to all mockups and presentation materials.

Campusmind Logo
Campusmind mockup screen, showing sliding mood tracker. Campusmind mockup screen, showing mood option.

Daily Check-In

The user experience begins with a daily mental health check-in. In our research of personal mental health management, keeping a daily condition log can allow one to have a better understanding of their own mental health, which will make it easier to communicate with mental health professionals if they choose to visit one.

Campus-Specific Features

When the app is first configured by the user, they will be able to connect the app with a University of their choice. Doing this will personalize the generated content, including a the resource bank. Through search features and filter tools, the user would be able to easily navigate the resource bank depending on their needs.

Campusmind app mockup, showing calendar. Campusmind app mockup, showing resource bank.
Campusmind app logo.

What Campusmind Could Do

CampusMind would assist first-year university students in breaking down the stigma surrounding the subject of mental health, and begin to create a community that encourages one another to explore and improve each individual’s state of mental well being. Although the app is only small pieces of a solution to a greater issue, CampusMind would have the potential to change the way universities and first-year students approach mental health and wellbeing.