Image shows an Aqua Serene print design.


Eugene, OR


Logo & Branding

Advertising Design

Aqua Serene

Aqua Serene is an aquatic and hydroponic supply store with brick-and-mortar locations in Eugene and Ashland, Oregon, and an online store. Using the foundation that the brand had developed on its own, I conducted a redesign of the Aqua Serene brand assets, in order to strengthen their visual identity and highlight what makes Aqua Serene unique from its competitors.

The Problem

Aqua Serene's current brand identity is unfocused, and fails to represent both hydroponic and aquatic products found in their stores.

The Solution

Rebrand Aqua Serene, and equally represent their available products across all media.


Current Aqua Serene Logo


Redesigned Aqua Serene Logo
Cover of the Aqua Serene brand guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

Expanding upon the redesigned logo, I developed a set of brand guidelines to be implemented across all Aqua Serene branded elements.

Image displays an open booklet, showing the inside pages of the Wienerschnitzel campaign book.

Scroll through PDF to view brand guidelines, or click HERE for full-screen view.

Advertising Campaign

After creating a new look and voice for the Aqua Serene brand, I developed a set of advertising materials using the guidelines that had been established.

Aqua Serene newspaper print design.
Aqua Serene newspaper print design.
Aqua Serene billboard design. Aqua Serene billboard design.
Aqua Serene magazine print design.
Aqua Serene magazine print design.
Aqua Serene bus wrap design. Aqua Serene bus print design.

Rebrand Potential

If my brand redesign elements and campaign executions were to be implemented, customers would see a greater consistency in representations of the brand, making Aqua Serene more top-of-mind when selecting a location from which to buy their products. As a result of my research of the brand and strategy developed with the consumer in mind, I believe this rebrand of Aqua Serene would be incredibly beneficial to the growth and success of the brand in the future.